You know that all forms of rulers representing ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY as servants of God on earth, as a Head to all human beings in different capacities. These are the things you MUST NOT do:

You must not join any evil cult.

You must not have any talisman

You must not worship any idol

You must not have any shrine including Iso Ekpo, Iso Asan, Iso Ndem, Iso Mbiam and  tradition of this father; traditions my forefathers. You must not have them; you must not practice them because those traditions are evil and elementary.

You MUST NEVER, NEVER involve with any cult that kills people. You must not have a hand in any killing.

You must not bow down to any image whether a picture, tree, wood, metal or anything created, but ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE SUPREME CREATOR.

If you are involved with any kind of evil including those stipulated above, then you are deceiving yourself. You are a disgrace to The GOD you are representing.

You must not plan evil

You must not accept bribe or offer bribe. You can however, receive a gift – pure gift, no strings attached gifts.

You must not be a drunkard. No ruling figure head must be found in a state of inebriation.

You must not support any manner of evil, even if that evil is your child.

You must not encourage fornication and adultery.

You must do anything that is evil.

You must not covet somebody else’s spouse; you must not because you are in a position of power force yourself into a person who is spoken for or is somebody else’s wife.

When you want to marry ask for the parents for the hand of their daughter. And do that out of respect before taking her to your house.

Any woman you marry is under you and not under the parents or your parents.

You must not take part in idle discussions or because of such discussions you take sides. You must not be partial whatsoever. Don’t take sides in any arbitration officially or otherwise. Be the impartial adjudicator.

You must not join any group or gang of any sort as a representative of GOD, whether you are a natural ruler, spiritual ruler or political ruler.

Be a truthful person.

You must practice Love for one another.

You must have mercy for one another

You must be kind to one another.

You must possess wisdom and understanding; you need wisdom to understand people’s mind.

You should listen very well to people, to all parties involved in say, a dispute before you judge.

You must be charitable. Help people around you. Always take care of people.

You must be patient with people.

You must practice oneness.

You should be happy all the time for occupying that post.


Don’t believe in any incantation and or any idol.

You must not enter witchcraft or enter the occult as a tradition.

You must not draw anything on your body including tattoo, whether with coloured chalk or ink or what have you. Therefore, you must leave your body clear, artificially unmarked for ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

You must believe only The Spoken Word and believe that I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY exists - THE GOD you are representing.

You must also believe that there is no power that is greater than that of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY that put you in that position of authority. Since you are there representing ME then I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY will always protect you twenty-four hours round the clock – all the time, nothing will be wrong with you.

If you commit any sin you should appeal to GOD to forgive you through “In the Name and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ”. And you must forgive people, those who might have offended you their faults, their errors just as I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY forgive your sins.

You must rule people with love.

You must always think about the welfare of everybody under you. And you must ALWAYS believe in GOD.

You should pray fervently all the time and surrender everything to THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY that GOD is SPIRIT and will attend to whatever prayer request you present to ME and I will answer your prayers.

You must have implicit perfect faith in ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. You should not doubt ME your GOD and don’t doubt yourself. Adopt and adhere to all these advices and believe in ME, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and all is well with you being in that office of authority, In the Name and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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