When you are a ruler, you are a ruler therefore; you must adopt the following guidelines “The Manual For All Rulers” those who rule to represent ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY in their difference leadership offices.

Every ruler whether spiritual, natural or political, whatever post or position of authority you occupy you are duty bound to help the people you are serving. You must adopt this manual. It is compulsory. You MUST follow this set up, this guidelines. You must do census and or information gathering from house to house and know the people in the community, in the local area, in the state level, in the federal level.

All Countries of the World:

MUST, have one common law of equality.

MUST, make people’s life comfortable.

MUST, provide free amenities including electricity and gas, water, good roads, transportation and good communication system.

MUST, bring things nearer to the people.

Therefore, you MUST, also think about the welfare of all human beings in the world.


Nobody should have hand in any blood. If you have hand in blood you shall NEVER be any form of ruler whatsoever. If you kill you shall not rule.  Certificate of rulership will be taken away from you if you killed while occupying any position of authority. The right to rule will be taken away from you.

Anybody who sits in the secret chamber and plans evil against somebody else has lost their Certificate of Rulership in all aspects of authority. Angels will cease it from you and arrest you. If you sit down in any way and plan evil against anybody that is exactly what will happen to you.

Speak words that are positive words; words that are edifying. You can aspire to any post or position of rulership but don’t practice evil. You must practice equality of life and provide good quality of life. Make people’s lives comfortable. You must eschew bloodshed at all costs and institute a sanction against shedding blood in any form. Those are the correct ways to rule and the qualities to possess to be a ruler.

This directive must stand forever!

First of all, nobody should be chosen to rule if such a person is not a positive human being, make sure you try all means to know who the person stand for, because a negative human being is likely to commit all sorts of evil including fraud, killing, giving and taking bribes. A negative human being will discriminate against the people and practice inequality because they have divisive tendency. They are drunkard. 

A drunkard must not occupy any post or position of authority because in state of stupor they can speak evil and involve in evil. Anybody that drinks any intoxicant, any alcohol, any drunkard, anybody who hates, anybody that commits any sorts of evil cannot be a king.

Love one another. There is no law greater than that. When you love you bear good fruit, you are merciful; you are truthful; you have patience; you have wisdom and understanding; you have humility. You can listen to people kindly. Then you are true servant of God and you can rule for Christ. And Christ will manifest HIS glory in you and stand by you and crown you spiritually, physically and otherwise. Then all is well with you, in the name and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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