This is the true qualities of a ruler, somebody who has no criminal intent; somebody who practices loves fore one another. A true leader from God’s concept cannot be a witchcraft, cannot enter into any secret cult, any secret society; he or she cannot be involved with any work of evil, work of darkness or use dark forces, including witchcraft wizardry to rule. A true ruler rules in the name of GOD with spirit of love of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

A true ruler has humility; he has peace; he has love and serves with equality and judges’ people rightfully. And anybody who does not possess the qualities of the Holy Spirit of God, which include peace, love, mercy, kindness, humility, patience, cannot rule for ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. They will be causing trouble. So, a truthful ruler is somebody who possesses those qualities of the Holy Spirit of GOD. He thinks about others not himself. He does not fight anybody; he does not hate anybody; he does not plan evil against anybody. He listens to everybody and accepts pleas of forgiveness.

A true ruler will not join any gang; he will never destroy the people. Truthful ruler will never be jealous, like Herod, like Pharaoh, like all those who are evil and fight against GOD because he represents ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY as he practices love for one another.

A true ruler will practice equality; he will share amenities equally among everybody; he will treat everybody with fairness and will not discriminate whatsoever. He will always rejoice with ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and believes in Our Lord Jesus Christ, as he is ruling for CHRIST. He is working for HIM as HIS servant. He loves GOD all the time. He believes in oneness; he believes in peace; he believes the Word of God and must partake with THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME WORD SEASON CELEBRATION all the time to rejoice with all Words. Those are the people who possess the true qualities of leadership to ruler.

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