Anybody who wants to be great must be a servant. You cannot go about charging at people, killing people claiming to be a king, Head of State, President of the country, religious leader political leader and you do not help the people, you don’t do anything to help the people, the community, and the country. Then you are a liar. That is a sign of rebelling against kingship, being the rulership of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

The world is huge and saturated with great abundance of amenities to provide every human being on earth with very comfortable living. But have you seen anybody representing ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY distributing the great wealth of the universe equally among the people? What you see is that Satan had entered people and they create nuclear weapons and warheads here and there, missiles and many other weapons of mass destruction and fight war at every corner of the world. It is war! War! War everywhere! And fight! Fight! Fight!, everywhere because Satan is ruling the world, when GOD is supposed to rule the world. If it is true that you are implementing the rulership of GOD, why should there be war? How can a human being kill a fellow human being?

A human being can never kill a fellow human being. It is the animals, birds and fish that are killing the human beings as well as killing themselves because they are not gods. When you see a Head of State or President of a country go to war or you see somebody at the helm of affairs instigating trouble know that such a person is an animal or a bird or fish. Such human-animal, human-bird human bird must not hold any post or position. No matter how many animals are in a pack they do not have a head. So, don’t empower any human-animal, human-bird, and human-fish. If you do you have sanctioned evil; you have invited trouble. Therefore, you must empower only true servants of GOD.

Have you ever seen a true servant of GOD go to war? Did Christ come to the world to destroy the world or to save the world? Have you ever heard that King Solomon went to war? King David his father fought and conquered the enemies and so there was no war again during the rain of King Solomon. Stay in your nation and protect your country. Don’t go to war with another nation.

So, he who wants to be great must be a servant – serve one another, peacefully. Be a servant to be a good king - to be a good ruler - to be a good controller of people, to be a lovely servant for the people you serve. Go about and see the people you are serving to be conversant with their problems and or conditions first hand. Then you would serve them better by addressing the issues they face. But in your case, you call yourself family head, but you have never visited any of your family members to attend to their needs or see to the wellbeing. You are a church minister but have never gone on ministry work or visited people to give them prayers. Somebody is called a village head but he has never gone out to visit his people and see and address whatever difficulties they might have. He has never done anything to help the village he is serving as the head. He has never addressed the welfare of the people they are supposed to be caring for.

You see somebody called Clan Head or Paramount Ruler his rulership begins and ends in his house. He only goes out to the community to collect money from the people. He never visits his people, his community to address and solve whatever problems they are facing.

None of the clan heads or paramount rulers visit the people they rule to address issues. How can you call such crass services rulership of GOD? They only work for money and name and position. They do not work for the love of the people and to be in peace. Anybody who works for the peace of the community by trying to solve the problems facing the community and or members of the community must first know the people’s problems; you must carry out census in your community to know the number of people under your service; you must go house to house visits, village to village visits and place to place, share the cries, the worries, the difficulties of the people, of the community of the land and then implement the necessary services to solve the problems they are facing. That is your duty as a head of the house, a family head, a village head, a clan head, a paramount ruler and any other head of a place. That is the reason you are a ruler. Those are the servants of GOD. And those are they who are the true rulers.

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