I AM going to reveal the meaning of a king to the entire world. Kingship is not a position somebody has to fight to achieve. King is a language. Obong or king is a language; it is an office. A child born with a cap on his head is somebody God sent to come and look after his people through the family into which he is born.

Somebody who has fought and conquered carnality, somebody who has love like Christ who died for mankind; so somebody who can die for one another; somebody who suffered for one another must be promoted to Christhood office as a king. And he who is born as a ruler is a king. Natural rulers and Spiritual Rulers are born not made. There are some people I send to this world with a cap of rulership on their head. There is nothing you can do about it. When people cry and lament, “Oh, there is nobody to look after us,” or a place where evil abound; a place prolific with killers and the deceivers. These kinds of evil could be in the families disturbing people or thriving in the community hampering progress. In some situation women suffering suppression, gross abuse or rampant exploitation and other cruelty to children and many other cries for many other dire condition of living. Then I would send MYSELF, a star – a Christ servant to go and be born there as a king, could be in form of a pioneer of some sort or even an activist just to help people and implement improvement. And you will see MY Spirit in their attitude because they will love everybody and they will help everybody. Governments should look for people with such propensity and empower them.

The government should look for people with natural rulership qualities and put them in a position of power. Don’t uproot them because they are closer to the indigenes. They know who is who. They know what to do to sort difficult situations. They are in touch with the grassroots of the society. I AM not talking about those who are evil. I mean a proper natural ruler is born as a king. He is born with a crown. Some have many crowns on their head an indication that they have been rulers in many generations. Sometimes I send them back on earth but to different areas to help the people at that particular area.

For instance, when Abel was born as the second son of Adam, and Abel means Life, he was automatically a king. He had the mandate to take care of lives as a positive servant of God. But Cain, his brother killed him because of that Christhood title. Then I sent him back on earth as King Solomon in Israel. When Israel did not have a king, I sent his father Adam who incarnated as David a natural born ruler to be the king. How did I send David to be the king of Israel?

Israel did not have a good and positive king for a long time and they suffered and suffered and suffered in the hands of evil kings. Then I revealed to prophet Samuel that in the house of Jesse there was a king. And David was born into the family as child nobody recognized. He was not the first son; he was not the second son; he was not even the seventh son of Jesse. He was an outcast child born just like that to Jesse by a concubine from the tribe of Judah. David then became the King of Israel, an anointed King by appointment of The Spirit.

When I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY anoint you and call you a king, no human being on earth can kill you. King means Christ, God’s representative, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY is on top of you, protecting you, twenty-four hours round the clock. And whoever would fight with that anointed King is a dead soul. So, you can see that from that time I succeeded with Solomon who was incarnate Abel, the second son of Adam. Father like son and son like father, it is said, rulership of Jehovah God and His Christ – Ete akara, eyen akara – Ete akara, eyen akara. K’ini Ete ebende eyen edi, Ete akara; k’ini eyen ebende Ete edi eyen akara. Enam ntre tutu mkpo ofon ama koro Ete ye eyen edi kiet. (- father ruled then son ruled - father ruled, son ruled. When father brought the son, the father is the ruler and when the son brings the father, the son is the ruler because at that point the father is the son. It will be like that until things become properly set because father and son are one)

Don’t forget that when you have a child that child is your copy. When you have a child who is your true copy, he has come to do the same work you do and could even do better than you. A good father cannot hate a child who is his copy, not a child that is against you. Any child who is against you is not your copy. He is a child that missed the road and he cannot take any post of family. So, he who is born as a ruler is a king because THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY backs up that person.

Solomon came back on earth as copy of Abel – as incarnate Abel to continue in the Christhood Office as a servant of God in the throne of his father David. And that is why I use him to vocalize the song and word of God as the first preacher. Therefore, anybody that came into this world and such a person is anointed by spirit, by first entry by ordination of the Spirit; nobody can fight such a person. Such a person is a spiritual thing born on earth to represent ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY on earth. 

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