In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ


In the blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Now and forever more, Amen


As I always say, let every human heart be clean and clear and be with humility and understanding with LOVE to hear from THE FATHER GOD once again. If you have this faith and this belief then, the communication between you and I will flow very well.  However, if you withhold your heart from ME THE FATHER GOD by hiding yourself and having a double mind due to doubts and not believing in ME, then the communication of understanding will be influenced by your thoughts as you do not believe THE FATHER GOD.That is the reason I bring all manners of information and explanations about THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT).


You need to believe that THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT)information is NOT motivated by cunning or by the human mind. It is NOT the WORD from a studio of carnality. It is NOT a broadcast by evil or by the second thought of a human being. THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT)information is a direct broadcast, straight from THE FATHER GOD. They are broadcasted directly from the studio of THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE.


All THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT)Lecture Revelations are direct from THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE and that is why THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT)is referee as Lecture Revelations. This is because you do not need anyone to interpret any WORD of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) to you. And that is why I call this WISDOM, ‘BEYOND THE HUMAN KNOW’.


When I EXIST, I WAS, WAS, WAS, this information was in existence with ME and that means that indirectly, I THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE, AM revealing MYSELF to humankind once again. I do this so that you would not continue to think that I, THE FATHER GOD do not speak directly to and with human beings anymore. Most importantly, THE SUPREME FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations are NOT via any angel. They are not inspirational outcomes from one possessed by an angel or a ghost. They are directly from “THE SUPREME SILENT THOUGHT OF CREATION”, THE FATHER GOD’S ‘POSSESSING HEART’ THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME WORD. I TAKE OVER THE BODY, THE SOUL AND SPIRIT OF His Royal Majesty KING SOLOMON DAVID JESSE ETÉ the incarnated King Solomon David of Israel who was also incarnate ABEL the second son of Adam and the positive one, WHOM I NOWTALK THROUGH.


The particularLecture Revelation that points out that this is Beyond What Human Know serves as a preface to all THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT)Lecture Revelations. This information should come before the main Lecture Revelation. You know that you are not reading the words of the chairman of your local council or the words of the leader of your church or the words of a president or a prime minister or the words of any human being. This information called THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) comes directly from ME THE FATHER GOD THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE.


THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY is the SPIRIT that motivates THE WORD, which created THE WORD and made THE WORD come to be in existence. That is THE SPIRIT talking now as THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT).


The reason I AM bringing this particular short FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation,  is so that when you read, THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations or listen to any of them by accessing them in anyway, do not attribute them to an ordinary vision or prophecy. This is not a discussion but Revelation Information from the Archive Record,THE KING SOLOMON SPIRITUAL LIBRARY- THE BOOM HEART OF THE FATHER GOD where all the information are kept. It is only when and how I want the information to come that the information will come.


It is not a case of starting to think about what to say and what to write or doing research. Therefore, when you read or listen to any of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT)Lecture Revelations and you don’t believe, then at the end of the day, you have yourself to blame.




When I searched in the Spiritual Supreme Memory of MYSELF,which is where all hearts of human beings came from by creation, the percentage of seventy-five percent asked this question in spirit: What Is This Again?In other words, they are asking from where the information came. Who brings them out? That is why I AM bringing out this particular information to answer the question. It means that most of all hearts that is, seventy-five percent of all the hearts are asking THE FATHER GOD, What Is This Again.






When I physically attended to this job and finished it, I had to keep the record of MY WORK and the record could not come direct from MY human person personified. It had to come from The Servant as the Witness.And that Servant and the Witness must be motivated and interacted together with ME so that whatever He would say will not come from the human mind but will come from the heart of THE FATHER GOD.This Servant and Witness is His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETÉ. He is MY Servant and Witness that I AM directlyinvolved with from the time of The Beginning when I LIVED BEYOND THE HUMAN KNOW.


BEYOND THE HUMAN KNOW is before creations.


BEYOND THE HUMAN KNOW is before even the SOUND that manifested THE SPOKEN WORD, a formulation by ME THE FATHER GOD in the ‘hidinan’ – the centre where thesound formed ‘GEN’ OF LIFE in the middle of the Akwavor.


 Akwavor is where I generated MYSELF on top of the water. You will see most of this information in other FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT)Lecture Revelation.


Where I generated MYSELF and formed the steam of MY energy on top of the water is called akwavor. And MY energy brought out the sound and then the water from the steam rushed back to the deep called Odu Idem Abasi.When the water was rushing back to Odu Idem Abasi, the rushing force generated the sound and the energy of the sound produced the Gen of THE SPOKEN WORD “THE CREATOR”.And this place called Odu Idem Abasi (THE HARDWARE OF THE SPIRIT) is wherethe rushing force of energy of creation comes from and goes back before the sun breaks out the following day. That is why I AM telling you that this information is titled BEYOND THE HUMAN KNOW therefore THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT)information is beyond the sphere of human beings. That is, it is the information that existed before the existence of creation.


There was nothing like human beings and there was nothing like souls. But there was something as something called SOMETHING, THE SUPREME THOUGHT (THE DIVINE LOVE, THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME WORD)that eventually came to be born as Our Lord Jesus Christ. That is the potency I used to create Adam and lived in Adam, as I THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT).When I say THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT), I mean -THIS SUPREME WORD.So, that is the answer to the question that seventy-five percent of the human souls ask as ‘What Is This Again?’


This isEVERLASTING TESTIMONY about THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE, THE PERSONIFIED HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH.This is the last information from THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY that humankind will live with and by for THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.From THE FATHER GOD live by THE FATHER GOD and with THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.Then everything will be THE FATHER GOD! THE FATHER GOD! THE FATHER GOD! FATHER! FATHER! FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY!Call no one FATHER except THE SUPREME FATHER.Of all the human beings on earth, it is one person that is THE FATHER.Also of the humans on earth it is only one person that is the Servant. These are the representative of the THOUGHT and the WORD.The body where those two things live called Adam is THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS. So, you have one FATHER and one LORD and that is THE KING OF KINGS and THE LORD OF LORDS.Every other person is a servant of THE FATHER GOD that is, sons and daughters of THE FATHER GOD.Therefore, with this Revelation you don’t need to ask, ‘What Is This Again’.


You know, yesterday, today and tomorrow I AM the same and because of that, you will NEVER know the way of THE FATHER GOD because the more you look the less you see.




This is not information of your father, your brother, your sister, your mother, your husband, your wife, your president, your King, your Queen or yourself. It is not! THIS IS INFORMATION FROM THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE.It is NOT from angel. So, when you are reading or listening to the information clarify your heart.


In fact, I have said time without number that  the number of people and the human beings that will show respect whenever they come across THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT)Lecture Revelations will be so many. The GOD PRESENT, I put in THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK isto show you that I MYSELF THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE, AM THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT)Lecture Revelations. If you believe the contents of any piece of publication that carries THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations that is Testimony about THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL, THE EVERLASTING WORDS OF GOD, THE SUPREME WORD OF THE FATHER GOD that has come to reconstruct the world, then you are blessed. By believing this testimony you are okay and I mean totally okay! Even, if you die, I can return you to the earth immediately to witness this WORD. I can do anything at all.




What are the fruits of The Holy Spirit? They are Love, Peace, Truth, Humility, Kindness, Oneness, Mercy, Patience, Life and Power. They are all the good things - all positive ways of life. All those fruits bear their own fruits that link to them that manifest them as the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. They have another seventy-two million characters of themselves plus twelve million times seventy-two million. All of them manifest the power and emotions of the Holy Spirit in everybody that believes in the Holy Spirit of Truth. Factually, you cannot bury the truth.


The True Teaching of LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH PERSONIFIED as I AM talking now, I AM talking through the mouth of the one who believes LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU and that person is Solomon ETÉ. Rightfrom the onset HE IS ABEL THE OFFSPRING OF ALL POSITIVISM. His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETÉ did everything he could to procure and preserve THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL, whichpreached. He treasures them. He does not joke about those Gospels. The ones he can give freely to people he does. He did everything for the preservation of THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL. He values THE FATHER’S Gospels greatly. That is why gave Him the Spirit of a True Witness. HE IS THE SENIOR CHRIST SERVANT, which is THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT). GOD does not do things anyhow with anybody. HE does things according to what you do because as you sow, you shall reap. Show ME anybody in this Brotherhood of the Cross and Star that treasures THE FATHER’S Gospels –The Everlasting Gospel as Solomon ETÉ. So, His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETÉ and The Everlasting Gospel are one. That is nothing but the truth and because of that, use him to bear the record and to testify as a true witness of The Everlasting Gospel. And The Everlasting Gospel is Everlasting life. It is the Word of GOD; He is the Word of GOD. That is the reason call His Office “The Senior Christ Servant” and anointed Him as a King, because his Master, his Father is The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords, and so the son is also a king. Many people do not like that. Does it matter at all? If you do not like The Truth, The Truth likes you. When you bow down to The Truth, the Truth sets you free. However, if you do not like the truth and do not accept the truth, even though the truth likes you, you remain in bondage and continue to be in a state of confusion.


When you talk about miracles happening again then you should know that this is the only miracle that can happen. There is no miracle again to occur. The TOTAL POTENCY of THE FATHER GOD is behind THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT)Lecture Revelations.


THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT)information is to replace all negative information and energy on earth. THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT)information has come to stay in three capacities in the spirit,the soul and the physical “THE WORD OF THE TRINITY GOD”. THIS IS THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE.


Since I am unable to come to you personally to discuss this matter with you, I am, through this media, writing to inform you that the long expected Comforter,


the Holy Spirit of Truth is on earth in form of human being, known as Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, the leader of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.


Therefore, no matter your position, being God's creation, you are all required to know God and worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 14:26, John 16:13 and John 4:21-24)


As I am sending this message to you, you may or may not give regard to it, but all the same, since His Kingship is not by election, nomination or appointment by the Government or Church, this is a veritable truth, whether you believe it


or not. I direct you to see your bible again, Revelation 12:5, Revelation 14:14 to the end, Revelation 19:11 to the end. My intention is to see that you and I are saved.


The Comforter, Holy Spirit of Truth is the embodiment of God, Son and the Holy Spirit who is now personified as a man to lead all creation to accurate knowledge of Truth.


Your case with God can be compared with that of the father and son if your son refuses to know you as a father; I believe you would not be happy with him.


Similar situation also applies to you and your Creator. This is because the Creator knows why you were created to come to this world.


As I am seeing, the people of the age are now tending to commit the same offense that the Jews committed. They read that Messiah would be born, but when Christ was born they nailed Him on the Cross saying that he was not the one.


Today again you may say Olumba Olumba Obu is not the one, how do you know.


However, as you are being informed, I hope you would not resist any longer, come to Him and confess your sins He will forgive you. Whether you are a Pope, Bishop, Reverend Father, Head of State or President, Rich, Poor, even one-legged or one-eyed man, no class of people is exempted.


Those who have ears to hear let them hear may God bless His holy words - Amen.


In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, In the blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ ,Now and forever more, Amen